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What We Offer

Cockatiel.com provides help, aid and responsible counseling to cockatiel pet owners. We strive for avian care with the purpose to educate the community about respect and kindness to all animals. We take every opportunity to keep our visitors up-to-date on the ever-increasing effectiveness of bird care and educate them about the importance of preventive health care.

Before You Get a Cockatiel

Taking care of a bird actually starts before you choose one. Cockatiel.com will help you determine if a cockatiel bird is the right pet for you and your family. We feel that the more our visitors know about the health of their pet, the better they can be about keeping their pets healthy.

"Cockatiels do have a reputation for demanding attention of their owners on a regular basis so make sure you do have the time and dedication to own a cockatiel."

Life Span

The cockatiel's lifespan in captivity is generally given as 16 to 25 years, though it is sometimes given as short as 10 to 15 years, and there are reports of cockatiels living as long as 32 years, the oldest confirmed specimen reported being 36 years old. Diet, exercise are major determining factors but for a cockatiel that you are keeping as a pet it's essential that you spend quality time with your bird.

"If you are thinking of getting a cockatiel and just putting this bird in a cage so you can occasionally interact with it, then DON'T GET A COCKATIEL."

Cockatiels are very sociable birds and will get depressed if they are left alone for long periods of time. They may hit their heads against cages, pull their feathers, refuse to eat, or become angry.

A cockatiel is a friend for life, think twice before you assume the responsability of caring for an animal that has a life span of up to 25 years.

As always the information offered here is to provide guidance and is not intended to be a substitute for the good advice provided by your own avian vet. When in doubt always consult your own veterinarian.

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